• It's all about the Finish!
  • It's all about the Finish!

Clancy Quay

  • Client

    Glenbeigh Construction

  • Architect

    O’Mahony Pike

  • Location

    South Circular Road, Dublin

  • Our Role

    Drylining, plastering & painting

Project Objectives for Baltic Group

• Drylining old existing listing buildings which required the Gyproc Optima System in order to improve the thermal and acoustic performance to the external walls.

• High level of finishes and quality with curved head reveals to windows requiring careful detailing and workmanship.

• A mix of drywall works required to both old and new building units.

Project Details

Clancy Quay is one of the leading exemplary residential development in Ireland to date. This luxury apartment community represents a special combination of fully furnished designer living with an unmatched access to the range of modern amenities.It was designed in a way to provide a city life for village living.This project was developed by the Los Angeles-based property firm Kennedy Wilson. This historic site of Clancy Quay is located in the former British barracks complex on the southern banks of the River Liffey and is characterised by structures which are austere and rigid, yet graceful and majestic at the same moment. This is achieved through the creative and innovative architecture of the award-winning architects O’Mahony Pike. It is reinforced by robust materials with a sturdy expression. The contrast is guaranteed due to the beautiful fusion of the ancient and the modern alongside extensive and detailed landscaping. Both new and old are seamlessly blended together here as residential units within the refurbished Victorian buildings established in 1797.

O’Mahony Pike infused the sites with character relating to its old heritage. This generated an architecture with a timeless quality. The original flagstone floors and stone staircases where soldiers once slept, remain in these buildings, under the expertise of conservation architects. This entire project required the usage of craftsmen of a bygone era to restore fully the eight listed buildings. This restoration and overall craftsmanship awarded this site the RIAI Housing award for 2018.

Clancy Quay is still the site of ongoing construction efforts with there being developments for converting 12 retail units to modern luxurious apartments in 2021. The site also had various duplex penthouses constructed after they were left abandoned due to the recession in 2008.

Our Involvement

Baltic Group has a long working history with the Clancy Quay development spanning more than 8 years. We have been in and out of the site working on regenerating this astounding historical area. We first entered this site when we were hired to finish 4 stylish duplex penthouses.

Our main role in this project was with the Clancy Quay Phase 2.1 & 2.2 with 163 units. Most of the existing internal and external design systems had to be delicately restored and coated using carefully selected materials to ensure that they achieved each specification. Many of the coatings we had to use had to have breathable performance requirements. Every single material used was of the highest end and was chosen to ensure that it was the best quality on the market, at the most affordable rates. All the existing stoneworks and brickworks were also carefully sealed with ecologically friendly sealers. We also ensured that all existing steelworks were repaired and coated. We ensured throughout the project that all the possible materials were environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Throughout the project, we ensured that during this site, we also completed one of the largest Gyproc optima systems implementations in Ireland at that time in 2018. Old buildings require this type of drylining treatment and it was therefore used to improve the thermal and acoustic performance. Special care was taken to ensure the curved head reveals details were up to our high quality standard.

In 2021, we began working within Clancy Quay once again when we became involved with the conversion of retail units into 12 modern luxurious apartments over four blocks. There was work done on an external Steel Framing System (SFS). There were challenges with this specific site due to both its openness and its proximity to the site if a live public living area. There were many individuals going through the area and special care was needed when delivering materials. It was a residential and a retail area, so it was always busy and we therefore had to work around these obstacles. There was also work done on converting the large retail windows into a more fitted size for a residential apartment. To achieve this, we had to discuss at length with the architect in order to come to an agreement on the new windows being installed. As a result, the old windows were taken out and the new system was required to adhere to very specific air tightness and fire regulation. Baltic was always ready to cooperate between O’Mahony Pike the architect, Greenlight the contractor and Nordan Windows the supplier. Furthermore, we had to find a solution alongside Nordan windows in order to satisfy everyone's needs for this specific site. As was specified by the SFS the party walls ( Walls separating two units ) were constructed in a twin wall system ( The separation was made of two walls with a gap in between them ). Lastly, we also had an interesting challenge with the 1st floor being required to be loaded with materials quite quickly due to the stairs being removed and replaced. These all provided interesting challenges for our crews and management but we have faced all challenges in stride and our confidence in the continued success through all the parties’ cooperation.

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